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"We pull the right People Together to get your business opened up Faster!"


About Us

At WDS, instead of the buildings being our main concern, we focus on the people behind them. We believe that our success is a result of getting to know the Client, listening to them and understanding their needs. If we do that right and we exceed their expectations, the building will naturally be a success!

Our Work

We pull the right People Together to get your business opened up Faster

  • Corporate Offices

  • Dance & Performing Arts

  • Food & Beverage

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Medical

  • National Retail & Franchise

  • Office & Warehouse

  • Places of Worship

  • Residential

  • Retail & Shopping Centers

  • Salon & Beauty

  • Schools & Learning

  • Mike is one of the very best Architects you could ever come across. Knowledgeable, experienced, and just a nice guy. Extremely family oriented and honest. He has been a huge resource as I have grown my business. Suffice to say, I would not be where I am without him. If you are in need of a great Architect, then you need to hire Mike.

    Brian Houston – President, GH Commercial, LLC

Our Services

We will provide our Customers with such a HIGH QUALITY SERVICE and an EFFICIENT DELIVERY that it results in the kind of EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE that leads to a LASTING RELATIONSHIP!

Feasibility Study
By carrying out assessments in the early stages, we help our clients determine whether or not to proceed to the next stage of a potential project.
As-Built Survey & Record
The use of BOMA Standards guides our field measuring process in order to calculate a leasable area and to provide a graphic record of interior conditions suitable for future space planning.
Space Planning
In addition to solving the functionality of a kitchen, the seating layout of a restaurant, the efficiency of an office layout, the psychology of displaying merchandise on a retail sales floor or maximized seating in a church…egress, path of travel, clear floor area requirements and occupant load are all critical in the early conception and strategy of a design.

Code Analysis & Constructability Review
A Design Standards review of construction drawings or Code Review an existing building by WDS can make the difference in a Construction Contract, Building Purchase or Tenant Lease.
Construction Documentation
WDS excels at documentation of your design for purposes of bidding and execution of construction, offering a complete package including Engineering.
Construction Support Services
The roots of WDS are founded in the land development and building construction industry. As a result, we can assist with Bid-Process, Contractor Selection, Construction Administration, Field Observation and Punch List support.

Interiors & FF+E Consulting
Functional spaces can be created by determining the constraints of the area itself, its desired function and defined meaning. The result becomes more than just decorating, but design. In addition, we can assist with procuring and managing all aspects of the FF&E package.
When the Architect partners ahead of time with your Contractor to deliver design and construction as a seamlessly collaborative package…your budget, your timeline and ultimately your project will all benefit.
Permit Processing
When it comes to slaying the dragons that you may have come to know as Permit-granting Municipalities, make no mistake our relationships with Code Officials and knowledge of their latest timelines and processes is something we work at each day at WDS to conquer.

Tenant Improvement Plans
The design of a built environment that provides operators with a stage for very specific business functions, allowing visitors to connect with the brand identity in the marketplace.
Commercial Architecture
Following proper site selection, analysis and programming phases, a building’s design can be explored, allowing shape and meaning to reflect an organization’s goods and services.
Residential Architecture
Room size, relationship of space, function and contents are all important factors that if explored and articulated properly, will reflect a client’s lifestyle. Let WDS capture yours!

  • People – Service – Relationships – Profitable – Urgency – Reputation - Fun